Stepping Forward into the Next Chapter

This has been an exciting month, because I have launched the podcast, the Sisterhood of Limitless Living. It’s now available on iTunes and on Spotify, and I cannot be more excited about this.

Much of the inspiration to get the podcast going is to prepare to step into the next chapter of Dr. April Moreno Wellness. This is because of the fact that my full time job contract will be ending very soon and it is just time to make some bold new changes, into the life I choose to live, stepping into the next chapter of serving my purpose. This has led me to consider a new perspective and to take these new steps into the next version of myself.

Today I’m talking about the Process of Stepping Forward into the Next Chapter and the steps I’m taking in this exciting journey. Here are the steps in the process I have chosen to take:

Identify the Next Level Version of You
One thing you must know about me is that I have been addicted to self- help books for decades. I remember how cheesy it felt back then (and a little less so now), to tell people about a great self-help book you are reading that has changed your life. There have been several of them that truly have changed me.

The self-help theme that has been emerging for me lately is the topic of stepping into the next level version of yourself.

Who is the person that you aspire to become? What would your life look like in this next level version of yourself? What would you think about, and what activities would you participate in? What would you talk about, and who would you spend time with?

Become the Person You Desire to Be
In this step, you are meditating, journaling, and visualizing the thoughts and images of WHY, who, what, and where you want to be. Focus in on your ideal actions, behaviors, and thoughts. Throughout the day, remind yourself of how amazing you are, and how this ideal next level you is part of the very essence of who you are. You have the power to decide on the person you become.

This can involve taking yourself on a personal outing once a week for at least an hour or so, going to places, seeing the things, and being in environments that are connected to your next level self and begin to begin to get comfortable with your next level.

Take the Bold Steps into Your Destiny
Life is about growth and constant change. Even things appear to be the same, we are either growing or changing in some way each day. If life is constantly changing, we might as well be involved in the details of this process! This is often about the strategy of doing something that scares you. This is where you hear the challenge of doing something that scares you each day. This is where bold, massive progress, growth, and change takes place. When we take the bold steps toward our dreams, we welcome the new chapter into our destiny, and this is where people sometimes experience those quantum leaps into the next chapter of living. This is about taking the bold actions that will propel you into the next chapter of your dreams.

What have you been wanting to do but keep putting it off for another day, knowing that it will bring joy, growth, and positive momentum in your life? What can you do today toward your dreams? Don’t worry about it being imperfect, or not ready yet. Taking bold, imperfect action is all that is needed.

Self development into limitless living is an iterative process of continuous insight and renewal. These are some important ways for us to keep renewing our minds and our lives.

What does your next chapter look like, and what are the activities you participate in to get clear on your next level you?

Contact me if you are ready for the next steps in your journey to limitless living.