The Power of Natural Medicine in All of its Manifestations

I've returned home from several days of summer vacation in Europe. I was on a boat for several days through various cities in Germany and the neighboring countries.

I loved visiting the Black Forest. I also enjoyed beautiful Heidelberg and the castle ruins. I loved the mountains and forests surrounding this beautiful university town. While at the castle ruins, I found that there was a Museum of Pharmacy located on the grounds, I made sure to wait for the doors to open.

I'm not good with following crowds. By visiting this museum, we risked losing our tour group, whose guide had long lost my attention, but visiting the pharmacy museum was what I really wanted to do instead. (We missed the tour bus and had to find them later, by the way!)

At this museum, we were able to learn about some of the history and origins of medicine - the natural, botanical, and artistic characteristics of apothecary knowledge and practice - before pharmacy later moved into the clinical and pharmaceutical model.

We learned a lot about the properties of plants and other natural materials. We saw beautiful, historical botanical illustrations of medicinal plants and natural materials. If medicine were still like art and poetry in this way, I would love to have been a pharmacist. I love plants and herbs, and strongly believe in their power for healing, often without concern of side effects. 

It was inspiring me enough for me to decide to move out of taking daily anxiety medications, into herbal remedies. I was tired of depending on pharmaceuticals every day, but I was told that it couldn't be done since I have been living with anxiety since I was 6 years old. But oh yes, it was and yes it is done.

But during my vacation in Germany, I am pleased to tell you that I moved out of pharmaceuticals for anxiety, and that I have adapted well with herbal alternatives and natural remedies. All of this even while I was on a boat, literally living on a cruise for 8 days. 

Never underestimate the power of natural remedies. After all it was the foundation of our pharmaceutical drugs in the first place.

Also, food is medicine. Plants are medicine. So are mindfulness, healthy attitudes, and exercise. I am all "on board" to continue this shift of perspective on health, healing, and wellness.

"Drug stores"/Apothecaries in Germany and Switzerland made it very normal and ordinary to choose natural remedies for colds, congestion and even anxiety over the counter. No big righteous statement about it, but it was the first line of defense.

Best of all, there was no disclaimer of insane side effects. I am pleased to tell you that I finally had my first beer in years without drug concerns. Prost!

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