Learning from and Embracing Failure

To be honest, it has not been the easiest few months. I have been working on building my business, and also working on more long term opportunities as a university researcher.

I have seen a lot of things not turn out the way that I had hoped. Learning to build a business has come with a steep learning curve, and there is so much of not knowing what I didn’t know, and understanding these things more in hindsight. In the academic world, I have been learning much about how to design research projects, and how to apply for grant funding. To be honest, I have probably learned more about what *not to do!

So this week, I received another email of a grant application rejection. It took me a bit of time to recover from it, as I said to myself, man, all of the effort, time, and help of others in this project that did not come to fruition. It felt like a waste of time!

But I began to realize that it is all a learning process. There is no guarantee that things will turn out the way we initially wanted them to. In fact, I began to realize that I appreciate these challenges, because they will make the success so much more meaningful when it gets here!

We must never give up. Achieving big, audacious goals and dreams will come with failure. It is an important part of the journey.

So, whether we are working on a job application/interview, a college application, or building a business, we must get used to the challenges and embrace failure. We will be able to learn from each step in this iterative process of learning and improving.

Ouch, yes, the disappointments sting. But, in the long run, we can learn so much from these experiences and move forward with, hopefully, exponential growth and improvement in our next attempts!

If we are working toward a dream or a goal, we must never give up. It was not designed to be easy, but it will be worth it.

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