How I Developed a Positive Autoimmune Life Perspective


How I Developed a Positive Autoimmune Life Perspective

How did I become so positive about my life?

I just realized how much my psychologist played a CRUCIAL role in all of this.

Two years ago, when I was going through my relapse, it was much more than a physical health issue.

I was going through several months of depression and bullying at my  job. I allowed them to make me feel like I wasn't good at anything. I didn't know how to stand up for myself.

But I didn't realize how much I was allowing this abusive situation to continue.

After the 5th cold I had caught that year, finding out I was extremely deficient in Vitamin D, and then an emergency room appointment due to tightness in my chest, I knew that this was enough. My family was tired of hearing me complain about my workplace and managers, and how I was being spoken to and treated at work on a daily basis.

I began to realize how much I was hurting my family, and was also hurting myself with this negativity.

I got to the point where I could not let this happen anymore. I chose a date and quit my job. To celebrate, I went on a flight to Las Vegas to de-stress.

But I had no idea that this would be the beginning of a treacherous but insightful journey; one that would drastically change the person I was.

So, I'm on this short flight to Vegas, and halfway through, I look out the window and suddenly have a panic attack. I feel out of touch in my body, like I was suddenly transported alone in outer space.

I didn't mention any of this to my husband until hours after we landed. But I remember walking out of the arrival gate feeling completely disassociated and disconnected from my body.

I made some urgent appointments to see a psychologist. The first two were very passive, and did not offer solutions to my condition but just listened to me talk.

Meanwhile, I was losing my vision and going through an autoimmune relapse but didn't realize it yet.... My body and my mind were under attack.

The third psychologist I went to visit changed my life. I'll call her Marcy.

Marcy listened to me vent about my childhood and recent tramautic experiences, but she was more interested in positive changes. She taught me how to FOCUS ON THE PRESENT AND ON THE POSITIVE. She found me a psychiatrist, and I began a regular routine of EMDR therapy and anti-anxiety meds.

She saved my mental health. At a time when simultaneously, I was going through an autoimmune relapse, Marcy taught me how to take positive control of my life.

After a few months she was surprised at the change in my outlook and perspective. Despite the craziness, I graduated with my PhD in 4 years, on schedule, and I began my coaching business.

It's a beautiful day when your psychologist says, "Well done. You no longer need my help."

What I learned from her became the core of my business mission. I coach, train, teach and mentor on Mindful Wellness.

This is about understanding the importance and potential of the present moment to change every part of our lives. And that every part is dependent upon the others.

Where are you feeling stuck today? Despite health challenges, how much of it is in your control, and what can you do to make things amazing? I can help you get there while helping you heal your mind and body in the process.