Mindfulness through Paddleboarding and Yoga on the Bay

It was a warm sunny afternoon with a slight coastal breeze from the nearby beaches of San Diego. Beach houses and summer homes sat in a row along the bay, with people jogging or walking with smiling dogs, and children excitedly running to wade at the water's edge.

Here on the bay, the dark blue-gray water was relatively calm, with small wavelets covering the surface of the waters. Shimmery light from the afternoon sun reflected onto the water.

Floating along on my paddleboard, I met the occasional waves of small fishing boats in the vicinity. I spent much of the time sitting comfortably on the board, paddling on either side of the board to direct the path. I did a few yoga stretches on the board and found it to be more relaxing than usual yoga, because I was surrounded by water.

Enjoying the mindfulness of the moment, I was aware of each paddling movement I made on the board. I heard the sounds of the water splashing from the paddle,
To rest my arms from paddling through the water, I took a restful break on the bank of a small sandy beach, adjacent to some hotel balconies. The time almost stood still and after just one hour, so much had been experienced.

After warming up in the sun from several minutes of paddleboarding, it was nice to take a swim in the cool bay waters.

As I paddled back to my starting point, I encountered a couple of medium sized fish energetically jumping out and quickly back into the water.

I look forward to sharing these moments of stand-up paddleboarding yoga on the bay with the ladies attending the autoimmune wellness retreat next spring.

To learn more about integrative autoimmune wellness, join our group, the Sisterhood of Limitless Living.

san diego waterfront

san diego waterfront