Preparing for the New Year

In preparation for the new year 2019, I spent some time in the desert.

If you are living with an autoimmune condition, the desert is a wonderful place in the winter, where the sky is beautiful and expressive, and the temperatures are mild.

To celebrate the completion of 2018, I enjoyed a couple of days in Palm Springs. Walking around in the quiet downtown area, picking up a chai latte from a corner cafe, I brought a notebook with me and spent some time doing some planning and reflection.

This time, I chose to journal based on prompts that the amazing coach, Lisa Nichols, provided about abundant living. I set out to answer approximately 30 insightful questions in a notebook. To this days I haven’t completed the exercise, but so far, what I’ve learned about myself and my 2019 is that:

  • I am definitely hoping for a trip to Hawaii in the near future

  • I am intent on improving my health and fitness

  • I am planning to expand my business practices in healing through reiki, guided imagery, mindfulness, and hypnotherapy

  • A nonprofit 501 (c)(3) is in the works

  • In my academic life, I plan to secure research funding for my autoimmune and other health research endeavors.

There is a lot here on this list, and it may or may not all get completed in 2019. But these are my near-future goals and aspirations.

How did you spend your holiday season?

What are you planning to work on and receive in the coming year? I’d love to hear about what you have planned!

Desert Christmas in Palm Springs

Desert Christmas in Palm Springs